Our Story

We started our business while we were students at the University of South Carolina. It all began when we decided to design and construct a table for a friend's house. We had building experience, but found furniture to be our passion.

*Pictured are Megan Siegfried and Grant Howard, the owners of Timberline Woodworks, at the first warehouse opened in 2017!*


After building countless tables for fun, we came up with the idea to turn our hobby into a business. We are proud of our work and want to give our customers something in their home they can be proud of too.

Grant and Megan are the founders and owners of Timberline Woodworks. We work 7 days most weeks in order to fill to number of orders coming in. We hope we can continue to grow and expand even more, but no matter what, we will always provide the best handmade furniture on the market at the best prices.

All of our work comes with our quality guarantee. If you come across a structural issue with your piece, we will go as far as to rebuild it for you.  We build every table with one goal in mind- build every piece as if it were going in our own home.

As of 2020, we now have 4 warehouses throughout the U.S. in order to serve more people! Our warehouses are in Columbia, SC; Boulder, CO; Port St. Lucie, FL; and Kansas City, MO. Customers directly in these areas can enjoy free pickup of their orders!

Down south we do business as Coastal Woodworks, but decided the unique Colorado market would thrive with more fitting products to the area and a more fitting name which is where Timberline Woodworks began!

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